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vRAF simulates the Royal Air Force’s domestic and global operations on the VATSIM network. Operating a wide range of frontline and support aircraft over multiple simulator platforms, providing an opportunity for everyone.

VATSIM is the Virtual Air Traffic Simulation network, connecting people from around the world flying online or acting as virtual Air Traffic Controllers.

VATSIM UK is the community for pilots and controllers who partake in the VATSIM network within the United Kingdom.

Virtual Special Operations Administration (VSOA) are the govening body who oversee all military operations on the VATSIM network.

Air Command

ACM Lee Roberts

The Chief of the Air Staff , is the most senior officer within the vRAF. He is responsible for the overall management of the vRAF.

AVM Charlie Trewhitt

Air Officer Commanding 1 Group, is an Air Officer within Air Command. He is responsible for the overall management of 1 Group assets and their respective Squadrons.

AVM Ben Cook

Air Officer Commanding 2 Group, is an Air Officer within Air Command. He is responsible for the overall management of 2 Group assets and their respective Squadrons.

Pilot Roster

Pilot ID Name Squadron Rank Total Flights Total Hours Vatsim ID AWACS / Fighter Controller
RFR1205Lee Roberts11 (F) Sqn6581164:121330403
RFR1098Ciaran Longmuir120 Sqn285433:251314169
RFR1315Charlie Trewhitt11 (F) Sqn297395:361321955
RFR1454Ben Cook10 Sqn269915:131388719
RFR1001Scott Daniels56 Sqn360774:071184038
RFR1002Matt Kingscott27 Sqn8171018:481104672
RFR1028Phil Pegman47 Sqn195323:461243898
RFR1122Jack Edwards10 Sqn414573:111346724
RFR1065Trevor Hannant99 Sqn125421:351240481
RFR1107Joshua Seagrave70 Sqn129271:091331271
RFR1317Lewis Anderson11 (F) Sqn88134:111233663
RFR1367Mark Middleton10 Sqn159239:531162638
RFR1393James Thomas11 (F) Sqn131162:511365991
RFR1496Tom Keasley27 Sqn104117:101006788
RFR1440Jason Webb11 (F) Sqn7373:281207336
RFR1488Jack Sutton11 (F) Sqn4552:061335122
RFR1489James Jarman11 (F) Sqn9781:591466953
RFR1490Deniz Ozdil29 (R) Sqn9470:331349071
RFR1534Jake Witcombe120 Sqn7177:201374788
RFR1439Stephen Simpson29 (R) Sqn5139:27866487
RFR1544Adam Cherrison29 (R) Sqn1012:361492509
RFR1551Jordan Townsend29 (R) Sqn63:531278388
RFR1552Ben King60 (R) Sqn43:241431849
RFR1555Reece Buckley45 (R) Sqn1113:201398426
RFR1556Peter Lott60 (R) Sqn32:361126691
RFR1558Tom Knowles60 (R) Sqn43:231239145
RFR1559Harry East60 (R) Sqn52:351329829
RFR1560Agustin Miglino10 Sqn10:18971606
RFR1562Stuart Keaney45 (R) Sqn1011:021525988
RFR1563Vincent Farrow45 (R) Sqn00:001370346
RFR1565Glen Wright207 Sqn00:001182367
RFR1566Dylan Curtis45 (R) Sqn00:001628741
RFR1570Sam Collins29 (R) Sqn00:001321027
RFR1571Lewis Corcoran45 (R) Sqn00:001316430
RFR1572Daniel Crookes14 Sqn00:001317737

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